Mapping Through Life

"What Is A Life Audit?"

May 26, 2021 Caitlin Episode 30
Mapping Through Life
"What Is A Life Audit?"
Show Notes

How to Complete a Full Life Audit in 7 Simple Steps

In this episode you'll learn:

*7 steps that will move you from stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, and unfulfilled to Motivated, Confident, Aligned, and Purpose Driven

*A simple way to evaluate your happiness in 14 different areas of your life to provide you with a visual for where your feelings lie 

*What reflective questions to ask yourself to uncover areas of improvement to work towards the next level in each area

*How to visualize your life without limits 

*How to create a plan of action with laser sharp focus to help you start working towards building your dream life today

Listen to the full episode and then download the Life Audit Workbook to complete this exercise at your own pace. 

Show Notes: Download The Life Audit Workbook