Mapping Through Life

“Living In The Moment”

July 14, 2021 Caitlin Episode 37
Mapping Through Life
“Living In The Moment”
Show Notes

“Living In The Moment” - An Excerpt from “Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief”  Written By:  Emily Thiroux Threatt

In this episode, author  Emily Thiroux Threatt, shares some powerful tips to help us escape all of that sadness, worry and stress by focusing our energy on where we are right now, the present. 

Tune Into The Episode to Learn: 

* To give yourself permission to unplug, do less, & simplify

*How to identify where your stress or worry is coming from

* How to guide yourself back to the present moment when you fall into thoughts about the past or future 

*Why Presence is the path to peace

Show Notes:

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