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Grow your confidence as an individual, partner, parent, and entrepreneur. Discover the life of happiness, purpose, and peace that has been waiting for you. Here, you have a community of life-learners. Whether you want to have more patience with your kids, grow a business, develop long-term healthy habits, or all of the above, you have a safe place to explore. You’ll learn how to have more fun in life and find ways to tackle feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Receive support as you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Voice of the show, Caitlin, has been turning to books & blogs for years to solve her problems. It began with a drive for happiness and financial freedom. Now as a mother, partner, author, and entrepreneur it has become a life-long journey of learning. This show is your map to avoid information overload as you continue to evolve. Featuring writers who artfully transform simple lessons into lasting positive change in your life. (Each article/book excerpt is narrated with author permission.) Caitlin surprises you each week! A new lesson in self-help, business, parenting, intentional living, and more. Hit subscribe and get ready for your next level of growth.

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